Rams-Seahawks: Going the Wrong Way

It’s tempting to say that every single thing went wrong with this awful game against the Seahawks. After all the Rams couldn’t stop the run at all, couldn’t keep a relatively meek pass rush from destroying Kyle Boller’s pocket presence, couldn’t finish drives, and couldn’t get the fans into this game. They lost a blowout to one of the worst teams in the NFL. And most damning of all, they continue the embarrassment of not being able to bring anything close to a complete game against a divisional opponent. Seattle in particular, a team in serious decline, has feasted on the Rams over the past few seasons. And even in decline, they maintain a massive mental edge against St Louis.

Consider this: the Seahawks are 2-0 and +45 +38 points against St Louis. (Corrected after garbage points were factored in.) They have only 2 wins in their other 9 games against the rest of the NFL, -62 points. A team that is a touchdown worse than an average NFL team on any given Sunday just blew us out.

There is nothing for the Rams to be proud of after this contest. Indeed, they have much to atone for.

But there was one shining light: Danny Amendola, with a game-leading seven catches and more energy than anyone else on offense, should have cemented the starting slot receiver spot for 2010.

I have very little positive to say, and can’t offer much more enlightening critique until the game shows up on NFL Game Rewind tonight.