Rams-Saints Q&A: No Respect!

This week’s Q&A across FanBall lines, to Mark at Who Dat Blog, sounds like it could have been scripted for a WWE Monday Night Raw telecast. The 8-0 Saints look down on the 1-7 Rams about the same way that the oiled-up Ric Flair might look down on one of those 225-pound nobodies in blue tights they throw out as warmup fodder. Or, at least, that’s apparently one blogger’s view.

  • RamsHerd: The last time the Rams faced the Saints (2007), they were 0-8 and coming off a bye against a heavily favored team, and pulled off a stunning upset. Any chance history repeats itself?

    Ric speaks!Who Dat Blog: Not a chance sport. I have this game as 42-13 Saints, with this thing being out of hand by halftime. I know how easy it would be for the Saints to look past the lowly Rams, but I don’t see it. They are pumped to be 8-0, and are looking to this game as a buffet table to rack up some stats.

  • RamsHerd: It seems as though the Saints have sleepwalked through the early parts of their last three games, letting inferior opponents take early leads. What’s going on with that, and is that a trend that will continue?

    Ric speaks!Who Dat Blog: The last three games have been the “Scott Fujita-less” Saints defense that has struggled against the run, and for whatever reason the Saints haven’t turned Roman Harper loose in the box. it has worked out, but I don’t see this week being a repeat. I could see the Rams scoring early with Jackson running the ball so well, but they just can’t hang, and will be playing from behind, not the Rams’ strong suit.

  • RamsHerd: Back in the days of the old NFC West, the “Greatest Show” Rams and the Saints had some great games — nasty, physical, and 100% entertaining. Does this rivalry still have any juice for the fans, now that we aren’t in the same division?

    Ric speaks!Who Dat Blog: Again, this ain’t the same Rams. With “Spoon” gone, there’s nary a soul on that defense that bothers me. Lenon and Vobora are sub-NFL quality players, and as much as I like Laurinitis as a man and fantasy option, he lacks a mean streak you would like in the middle. And the safeties? Please, no enforcers in there. This is the “lite” Rams to me. Now the Saints on the other hand…

  • RamsHerd: In back to back home games, we will have hosted the Colts and Saints, likely facing both sides of this year’s Super Bowl. I have no illusions of the Rams blowing up the Saints this weekend, but am holding onto that 1% “any given sunday” chance of a good game.

    Ric speaks!Who Dat Blog: As much as I do prescribe to the “any given Sunday” in today’s NFL (and mentioned that in my last blog post), all I can agree with this week is that the game is on Sunday. If you feel the Rams have a shot, I’d say to put down the Crack pipe and go to some hard stuff. I’m not real clear as to why they are playing this game. I just hope the Saints defense doesn’t hurt anybody.

Well, Rams? You want some fightin’ words? Here they are. Are you ready to fight back?