Rams no longer the only team “rebuilding”

The news of Tim Ruskell’s departure from Seattle makes plainly obvious what many Seahawks fans have refused to admit: their team is in a full-scale rebuilding mode. In fact, if those insufferable Seahawks fans have any superiority complex left, it’s all the fault of our sorry-ass Rams.

Consider the teams’ record over the past two years, excluding games where they faced each other. Regardless of how the ‘Hawks look at the Rams, can there be any doubt that the rest of the NFL sees them both as cupcakes?

SEA record: 3-20
STL record: 3-20

SEA points differential: -202
STL points differential: -331

Welcome to Hell, Seattle. We hope you enjoy a lengthy stay. (And PS to the Rams … why is it again that you can’t seem to beat these sorry sons-a-bitches?)