Rams-Niners: 53 losing as One

Well, you can put that on the offense. The Rams were -14 with their #1 scoring unit on the field. They lost another 7 points on a short-bus special teams play by Quincy Butler. And in the battle of our first-team defense against the 49ers offense, we came out strong in total yards allowed, and in the trenches, but ultimately could not summon the red zone magic that we had against the Redskins. And just like that, the Rams fumble their way to 0-4.

More later, once I’ve cooled off. But for now, the surrounding mood is not good in StL. Witness these apocalyptic tweets:

@gregz29 @stlramscom fan for 30 years..maybe worse rams team i ever seen
@Stlvinnie No TV or radio station should have any member of the St. Louis Rams on this week. We simply do not want to hear it.
@miklasz The Rams are the worst non-expansion year NFL team I’ve ever seen.

And finally, if you’re looking for a note of optimism, perhaps a Blue Note would do?

@FrozenNotes I’d like to welcome all disgruntled Rams fans over to the frozen side of things…The Blues have a lot to be optimistic about.