Rams-Jaguars: Q&A with Teal Power

With both the Rams and Jaguars looking pretty exposed last week, collective losers by a 79-10 score, each team might be looking at the other and thinking: Finally, a matchup we can win. The scene reminds me of the two starving castaways in that old bugs bunny cartoon.

At the very least, I know I look at the Jaguars and see “hamburger.” So I sent a few questions — how juicy? are you flame broiled? angus? — to Nate at TealPower, representing the Jags here on the FanBall network, to see if he looks at us and sees “hot dog.”

  1. What’s the state of the Jaguars’ offensive line? That was expected to be a big area of improvement this season, but dependent on a couple of rookies. (The Rams are in a very similar spot.) How is that working out?
    The Offensive Line got embarrassed last week and are the biggest weakness on the offensive end. The first two draft picks for the team went to improving the line with Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton. Jones-Drew is only able to rush for 60 yards a game and 5 TD’s behind this young line. The best lineman in C Brad Meester where Jones-Drew usually runs behind and tries to break his runs to the outside where he does his damage. Right now, I grade the line as a B-.
  2. How did Seattle manage to put 41 on your defense? Was that a fluke, or is this defense in trouble?
    The defense had a bad game but…. One reason for the 41 was that the defense was always on the field. The offense had a lot of 3 and outs and Garrard was running for his life the whole game. The entire Seahawks defense on 1st and 2nd downs were set on stopping Jones-Drew and on 3rd down blitzed most of the time. The offense should improve with the return of Sims-Walker. CB Rashean Mathis, teams best cover corner, was getting embarrassed by TJ Houshmanzadeh. He is usually a lock down corner and will take last game personally and practice better and have an improved game.
  3. Torry Holt was always a good citizen in St Louis, but he started showing a lot of impatience (though subtly) with the Rams coaches toward the end of his tenure. At the same time, the Rams front office (now fired) let it be known that they thought his skills were declining. What’s your take on Holt? Has he been a positive contributor? How much does he have left, in your opinion?
    I’m a little disappointed in Holt so far because I expected a game breaker but his age has gotten to him. He hasn’t scored any TD’s so far or broken any deep pass plays yet. His longest pass play of the season is twenty seven yards. I’m expecting a lot more from Holt as the season goes along and at least 10 TD’s.

Nate also sent me three questions of his own on the state of the Rams, and you can find them and my answers over at Teal Power. If you have questions of your own, I encourage you to post ’em in the comments over there.