Rams-Colts: Q&A with Colts Chatter

The beauty of being a part of a blog network like this one is the instant access to smart, dedicated fans of each team. Especially for these games against the AFC, which I willingly admit to not following as closely, a quick Q&A always leaves me feeling just a little bit smarter.

And that’s our goal here at RamsHerd — making you a just little smarter each and every day. So, whenever that Obama education money starts pouring in, you just remember little ol’ RamsHerd and what we done for you.

This week we hit up Brooks at Colts Chatter with three questions. Here they are, with his responses:

RamsHerd: Aside from kidnapping Peyton and replacing him with his brother Cooper, how do you beat this Colts team? (Pretend this isn’t the Rams we’re talking about, but a formidable team with a real running game, aggressive defense, and savvy coaching.)

Colts Chatter: The only way to beat this Colts team is to simply get pressure on Manning and force them to punt the ball. Although that sounds simple most teams cannot find ways to fluster Manning. This line isn’t as strong as it has been in the past, particularly at left tackle, so if the Rams could get Manning out of sync they can slow him down. The teams that always seem to give the Colts troubles are the Patriots, Chargers, and Steelers. All of these teams through out unique blitzes that allow their defense to hit Manning.

A lot of people say you have to control the ball against the Colts and run it, however, as the Miami Dolphins found out this year, it doesn’t matter how long Manning is on the field — what matters is how effective Manning is while he is on the field.

RH: The big preseason stories around the Colts were the retirement of Tony Dungy, and the non-signing of Marvin Harrison. Yet the team seems almost unchanged. Are there changes beneath the surface that the casual fan doesn’t see?

CC: It seems like Manning is stepping into the role that Tony Dungy left behind, and he is really incorporating the young players and bringing them along. He is mentoring them and instilling great work ethic and making sure that all of the players play to their potential.


However, the Colts also acquired a new defensive coordinator this year, Larry Coyer, and unlike the past where the Colts relied strictly on their defensive line to get pressure on the quarterback they are now blitzing and sending multiple backers and safeties at the quarterback.

RH: The Rams will play the Saints in a few weeks — will they have played both Super Bowl teams this season?

CC: As of now I would say it is fair to assume that the Saints and Colts are both favorites to reach the Super Bowl. Each team is clicking on all cylinders, and the defenses of each team are playing far above expectations. Brees and Manning may be the two best quarterbacks in the league right now, and pending injuries are the two front runners for MVP.

Good stuff, and be sure to check out my answers to his questions on the Rams over at Colts Chatter.