For all you armchair GMs: Best Available Free Agents

As of Sept 7, here’s who is still out there: OffenseDefense.

Pickings appear to be slim in general, but with several appealing options at running back/fullback, if we need to place Gado on the PUP list with his busted rib cartilage. Remember that Gado’s value is at least halfway as a blocker … really tough to do with a bad ribcage. Unless you’re as pain-tolerant as this guy:

One name popped out of the available linebackers: Nate Webster. I thought, this guy might be pretty good, right? I mean, I don’t make it my business to know every player, but I know his name… But that might be because he was the centerpiece of one of the worst defenses ever, and has inspired a whole subset of angry Broncos fans to protest his lack of inclusion on the year’s list of worst players. (Scroll down to the comments.) Infamy is not as good as fame.

There’s a reason most of these guys are on this list — they aren’t very good, or never were in the first place. Especially when looking at the wide receivers, it becomes understandable why the Giants and Eagles (both very likely targets for Spagnuolo to raid) kept seven WRs apiece. They see short supply, and figure they can earn something of value in return.

The Rams appear confident, but their roster is glaring with only seven total skill players — 4 WRs, 3 RBs. (4 RBs if you count Karney.) I’d personally like to see a Dominic Rhodes or TJ Duckett signed right away for insurance, at the expense of a guy like Roger Allen III, who had his “nice to be here” moment but would be very easily passed through waivers to the practice squad if the Rams wanted a longer look.