The Manifesto

At the RamsHerd, we hereby proclaim:

  • That professional football is the ultimate in televised sports – 120 mini-dramas, pitting brutes against brains, speed against ferocity, all displayed with brilliant graphic analysis. Therefore, we pledge that our work will sometimes be dramatic, sometimes skillful, sometimes brutal, and sometimes graphic. (visually, that is.)
  • That the Rams suck. We all know it, and we aren’t going to sugarcoat it. (Hell, we want to know why the Rams suck, so we can see about fixing that.) But at the same time, that there exists greater reason for hope now than there has been since the glory days of the Greatest Show. Therefore, we pledge to be honest at all times, and optimistic as long as it’s warranted.
  • That sucking sucks. Therefore, we pledge not to suck, as a blog. As a commenting community. As Rams fans.
  • That ideas are king. The RamsHerd will be a big tent, welcoming all who bring their own ideas and opinions on the Rams, on football in general, on anything that’s pertinent. Don’t come here parroting some talkshow host (unless you are a talkshow host), or we will point and laugh.
  • That statistics are good things. Therefore, we welcome the use of stats in arguments. We will me using them ourselves.
  • That out of all sports, football is the poorest in true statistical measures of players’ impact on the field. (Even hockey tracks “hits” … perhaps the most integral part of their game. And yet football does not track “blocks”.) Therefore, we welcome those opinions who tell the story of what happens on the field that stats don’t — or can’t — account for.