Rams-Seahawks: how much magic can Kellen Clemens conjure?

I was asked a question, one that has been bedeviling me all week long. How can the Rams beat the Seahawks? The people asking me are the fine folks at, and as far as I know, they weren't trying to be mean. Because, really. Without Sam Bradford and with our defensive coverage schemes in […]


Three ways the Rams can improve, even without Sam Bradford

Jeff Fisher stood at the press conference podium in the aftermath of the team's biggest loss of the season, and reaffirmed his commitment to Sam Bradford for the 2014 season. The damage to his knee appears to be non-catastrophic and fully rehab-able. Kellen Clemens will take the reins in the short term, and the Rams […]


Contemplating a season without Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford has been a lightning rod in St Louis, as any team's quarterback will be. Especially when that team struggles with consistency, and hasn't made the playoffs in years. Fans have chided him for holding the ball too long, and for throwing it too quickly. Fans have berated his lack of deep passes, and […]


Rams lose themselves and their quarterback in Carolina. Also, the game.

The Rams found their identity last week against the Houston Texans — build a physical foundation with the run, take advantage of opportunities on defense, play smart football and let big plays make the difference in the game.  Or so we thought.  It can be argued that the true identity of the Rams showed itself […]


Rams have a get right game in Houston

Here's how long it's been since it's been since the St Louis Rams had a game like this: my five year old son has never done so many touchdown dances in one day. In fact, he ended up injuring himself as the Rams went up 38-6 in the 3rd quarter. He may be a game-time […]


Behind Enemy Lines: Texans Scouting Report from

If you go looking for lists of the NFL's most disappointing teams so far in the 2013 season, you'll likely find the 2-3 Houston Texans and the 2-3 St Louis Rams. We've dissected the issues that have been baffling the Rams, but how have the Texans fallen to this lowly level after making the playoffs […]


Rams keep Jaguars at bay (pitchforks and torches, too) with a win

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program. I've been given a device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the service. [Details] Call it sloppy. Call it a glorified practice against a team in the Teddy Bridgewater draft sweepstakes. Call it an afterthought for St Louisans compared […]


How Important is Cortland Finnegan to the Rams’ Pass Defense?

As the St Louis Rams gear up for Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will have to take the field without Cortland Finnegan, who is nursing a hamstring injury. "Good," many fans will say, and point to his absurdly high passer rating against this season, or take the long view and point out his […]


Rams vs Jaguars: A Forgettable Face/Off

Let me tell you about a bad football team. A team that consistently struggles to put first half points on the board, and finds itself halfway to a blowout every halftime. A team that has to rip up the playbook every game because they are pathologically unable to establish the run or protect their quarterback. […]


Infographic: Return of the Battered QB Syndrome

It seems we have had to return to this issue every season since Sam Bradford's rookie year. Is his poor performance a reflection of poor quarterbacking, poor protection, or both? To begin this season, it appeared that his protection had improved enough to provide a definitive answer, but then came five days in September in […]


Plight of the Rams fan in 2013: should I care?

Many times in my life as a Rams fan, the team has brought out wild swings of emotion in me. There were the highs of pure fandom ecstasy, the kind when our boys in blue ran rampant over defenses in the late 90's. There were the lows of absolute frustration, the kind when watching the […]


Rams mojo disappears, glaring problems do not in a loss to 49ers

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program. I've been given a device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the service. [Details] Say this for Sam Bradford, he was the Rams offense tonight. Say this too: the Rams offense was not at all good tonight. On a […]


Rams-49ers Preview: A Matter of Timing

In the fourth quarter of every St Louis Rams home game, Al Pacino tells us that football is a game of inches. His famous speech from Any Given Sunday is played on the video board, and we are exhorted to "fight for that inch." Against the San Fransisco 49ers, that couldn't be more apropos.  The […]


Rams on pace to field worst-ever pass defense

We are the 71%. We are the team that turns every opposing quarterback into a Hall of Fame thrower. We are the team that you can bank on for somebody's career day each and every week, whether it's Carson Palmer, Julio Jones, or DeMarco Murray.  We. Are. Soft.  This is not the identity that St […]


Rams, expectations fall badly in Dallas

The last time Demarco Murray faced St Louis, he was a relative unknown. But then he turnstyled the entire Rams defense while shoving Emmitt Smith aside in the Dallas Cowboys record books.  You're forgiven if you thought this Rams team would be different. You're forgiven if you believed the hype. I did too. But now, […]