Rams-Jaguars: Final Observations

Thanks to the trusty NFL Game Rewind service, I was able to watch the Rams lose valiantly against the Jaguars — and it was a valiant, if gut-emptying, effort. Unfortunately, it will take all of that again and, as Marc Bulger himself says, a “perfect game” to have even the slimmest chance this week against […]

Scouting Report on WR Brandon Gibson, from Eagles Have Landed

When the surprising news of the deadline-day swap between the Eagles and Rams hit, my thoughts ran a quick spin cycle: 0:01 – “Wow, Witherspon, really?” 0:05 – “Smart, creative trade to get something of value now from a declining player. No surprise really, given what we know about Devaney.” 0:10 – “Who the hell […]

Rams-Jaguars: Fear of Losing

I’m at a disadvantage this week to comment on the specifics of the game — when the only sister of RamsHerd gets married, it’s reason enough for me to be torn from the television. (I will have more to say upon reviewing the tape.) But I was able to follow along on my cell, as […]

Rams-Jaguars: All About the Pass Rush

I’d like to highlight the most salient point that Nate from Teal Power brought up in yesterday’s Q-and-A, because I think it will be the #1 key to the Rams’ upset chances in Jacksonville this weekend: The offense had a lot of 3 and outs and Garrard was running for his life the whole game. […]

Rams-Jaguars: Q&A with Teal Power

With both the Rams and Jaguars looking pretty exposed last week, collective losers by a 79-10 score, each team might be looking at the other and thinking: Finally, a matchup we can win. The scene reminds me of the two starving castaways in that old bugs bunny cartoon. At the very least, I know I […]

Rams-Vikings: A Mixologist’s Guide

Whether you want to upscale your tailgate get-together and separate yourself from the foozie-wearing riffraff, or you are looking for a more sophisticated set of imbibements to match your fluctuating spirits while at home, we at RamsHerd have devised an answer: A return to the cocktail. You see, beer only comes in two moods — […]

Rams-Vikings: Re-Revisiting our Prediction

Oh, the irony. Oh, the horror. Oh, the humanity. In our preseason preview, we liked the Rams to start coming together by this point in the season, and follow up a statement win at San Francisco (ha!) with an upstart victory (haha!) against the rugged but quarterback-less Minnesota Vikings. Here was a chunk of our […]

RamsHerd on Turf Show Radio: Oct 7

This week on Turf Show Radio, 3k from the Turf Show Times and I stirred the pot on the loss to the 49ers, the upcoming week against Minnesota, and some thoughts on certain AM radio personalities and their bids to purchase the Rams. We even got a call from the president of the “I Like […]

Rational Reasons to Stuff Rush

There are topics, and people, that I would rather not write about. Not only because I find them distasteful, but because, like viruses, they thrive and grow with exposure. The rule of thumb for virulent outbreaks is containment. But as I am going to be representing RamsHerd on another edition of Turf Show Radio tonight, […]

Rams-Niners: 53 losing as One

Well, you can put that on the offense. The Rams were -14 with their #1 scoring unit on the field. They lost another 7 points on a short-bus special teams play by Quincy Butler. And in the battle of our first-team defense against the 49ers offense, we came out strong in total yards allowed, and […]

Rams-Niners: Revisiting our Prediction

Okay, this is one where we might have to eat some crow. I expected the Rams to start getting stronger at this point in the season, as the Spagnuolo/Shurmur schemes sank in and started to elevate our performance. And I expected the 49ers to get humbled a bit after their offseason of chest-thumping and nutcracking. […]

Rams’ Offensive Struggles — Picking Our Targets

You’re angry, you’re frustrated, you want the Greatest Show back. But it’s long gone, has been for years. Go on and point fingers, Rams fans, you know you want to. But remember that pointing the finger at someone else also means pointing one at yourself. (Or something like that. I was never very good at […]

Rams Lose Their #1 Receiver … and Hope?

The loss of Laurent Robinson, out for the year with a broken fibula, is a crushing blow to the Rams’ putative passing game. He wasn’t just our #1 receiver, he is the only Rams receiver — after three weeks of play — to amass 100 yards through the air. Robinson gained 167 yards on 13 […]

Rams-Packers: Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Steve Spagnuolo has a lot to chew on in the aftermath of the Rams 36-17 loss to Green Bay. The Rams are 0-3, and have given up more than twice as many points as they’ve scored on the season. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t expect a complete collapse to 0-and-16? Well, here’s three […]