Rams-Saints: A Real Loss

One team came to the Edward Jones Dome with a +129 points differential, the other with a -144. This was, on paper, a matchup of one of the very best and very worst teams in the NFL, a game that should have been over at halftime. And the short story was that the better team […]

Rams-Saints: Revisiting our prediction

I know this is a little late arriving, but I’m watching the Rams at halftime, tied 14-all with the mighty New Orleans Saints, and thought it was worth revisiting the RamsHerd preseason prediction for this game: Week 10: The Jim Haslett Memorial Bowl Week Date Opponent LY: Record LY: Points 3Y: Record 3Y: Points 10 […]

Rams-Saints Q&A: No Respect!

This week’s Q&A across FanBall lines, to Mark at Who Dat Blog, sounds like it could have been scripted for a WWE Monday Night Raw telecast. The 8-0 Saints look down on the 1-7 Rams about the same way that the oiled-up Ric Flair might look down on one of those 225-pound nobodies in blue […]

Riding a Wave (of Mutilation) After 17 losses in a row, the Rams have now not lost in two consecutive weeks. Hey, by our standards, that’s a winning streak. Ride the wave, Rammies! Unfortunately, the optimism could come to a crashing halt, as our boys face up against the brilliant New Orleans Saints, who even when they seem to […]

Bye Week Distraction #1: Chris Chambers?

Okay. Let’s start with what we know. The Rams’ wide receivers are among the least productive in the game. They have scored two touchdowns: one by the now-rehabbing Laurent Robinson, the other came with a little dance audition by Donnie Avery at the tail end of a blowout. With the game against Detroit on the […]

39 Reasons Why the Rams Are Not the Worst Team in the NFL

Dear respected sirs and madams making your weekly Power Rankings: Now that the Rams have won a game, please consider this list of reasons to rank them #31 or higher and save us loyal fans some small amount of face. Why 39 reasons? Let’s start at the top: As he showed today, Steven Jackson (#39) […]

Rams-Lions: A pile of ugly = a beautiful win

After 18 missed passes, after a mess of ridiculous penalties, defensive breakdown, offensive playcalling snafus, even after a pair of blown pass coverages led to the Lions tie the game (with their only offensive points of the day), the Rams finally went back to the one thing that works: Give the ball to #39. And […]

Steven Jackson’s Lament

I, like many a fantasy football player — not just Rams fans — drafted Steven Jackson as my first round workhorse. Working behind his new offensive line, and the positive effects of the Mike Karney Factor, and with a full preseason and training camp unmarred by contract negotiations, this was going to be SJ's breakthrough […]

Rams-Lions: Revisiting Our Prediction

When we sat down to write preseason predictions, I was not exactly sunny, but I thought we would be able to pick up at least two wins on the season by now. (How much do you want that game against the execrable Redskins back? That loss keeps me up at night.) And I thought that […]

Do not adjust your screen…

RamsHerd, and the rest of the FanBall blog network, is going through a WordPress upgrade. During that time, some weird business might be happening — for example, clicking on archived links seems to be temporarily leading to a catchall “FanBall Blogs” page. No worries, we will be back online shortly.

Rams-Colts: Would You Rather…

The game had a eerie, metronome-like symmetry to it. 21-3 at halftime. 42-6 final. The circadian rhythm of hopelessness might put you to sleep, if it wasn’t so painful to watch. {democracy:7}

Rams-Colts: If it Bleeds, We Can Kill It

Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush! It was the key to keeping the Jaguars honest, and staying in the game for a full four quarters. And as Brooks at Colts Chatter said in our Q&A, you simply cannot drop back into coverage and expect to keep Peyton from surgically tearing you apart. You have to […]

Kyle Boller, the Ice Cream Man

Story of the year so far, from Jim Thomas: Kyle Boller’s job in practice this week is to imitate Peyton Manning, in all his stomping, flapping glory. He even simulates the audible play calls — except he doesn’t know the Colts’ terminology. “Other than some of the names he’s yelling out — ‘Ice cream! Boller! […]

Rams-Colts: Q&A with Colts Chatter

The beauty of being a part of a blog network like this one is the instant access to smart, dedicated fans of each team. Especially for these games against the AFC, which I willingly admit to not following as closely, a quick Q&A always leaves me feeling just a little bit smarter. And that’s our […]